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Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème

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lluminating Brighten Your Day Crème delivers unparalleled brightening. Uniquely proven to boost collagen production in vitro*, provide 72 hour deep hydration and gently exfoliate skin, it reveals lifted, luminous and brilliantly bright skin - giving you your daily dose of glow.

Our scientifically proven*, green-tech formulation harnesses the brightening power of Triple Action Vitamin C, nourishing Vitamin E and different antioxidant extracts for a radiant, bouncy, dewy glow. Regenerating AHA and BHA extracts gently exfoliate skin to reveal a brighter, clearer, smoother and more even complexion - while visibly reducing the appearance of pores. Ethically sourced Mica gives the skin a subtle, luminous shimmer.   

Proven to deliver more hydration than any other ingredient on the market, Saccharide Isomerate is the next generation of Hyaluronic Acid. With a smaller molecular size, it penetrates deeper for prolonged hydration up to 72 hours after application. Strengthening the skin's barrier via hydration, supporting elasticity and boosting collagen - it locks in moisture while promoting the skin's internal water production, hydrating the skin from the inside out. 

Packed with natural actives this potent crème restores the complexion and sets a new benchmark in illuminating skincare. 


·       Clinically proven to deliver immediate skin hydration within 10 minutes*

·       Clinically proven to deliver sustained hydration for over 3 days*

·       Clinically proven to offer immediate and sustained skin barrier improvement over 3 days*

·       Clinically proven to help synthesise collagen production at a cellular level**

·       Clinically proven to deliver up to 15% antioxidant protection over 8 hours at a cellular level***


*Independent in-vivo test (2022) investigating hydration effect to skin at select time points.

**Independent in-vitro test (2020) investigating the production of Type 1 collagen by human skin fibroblasts.

***Independent in-vitro test (2021) investigating the inhibitory effect of product on macrophage cells.